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June 2023

From Compliance to Excellence: How ACE® Transformed the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

From Compliance to Excellence: How ACE® Transformed the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

When it comes to running a successful business, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, quality management is key. This was something that the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company understood as they grew rapidly. That’s where ACE® came in – a transformative approach to quality management that has helped the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company achieve excellence in quality management.

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company is a pharmaceutical company that was founded by Alex Oshmyansky MD, PhD, and co-founded by entrepreneur, Dallas Mavericks owner, and Shark Tank star – Mark Cuban. Cost Plus was originally created by Alex Oshmyansky with the goal of bringing down the prices for as many generic drugs possible and to be completely transparent about pricing.

How ACE® Transformed the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company

ACE Essentials® transformed the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company into a company that now handles quality management and regulatory inspections with ease. The transformation first began with Cost Plus’s quality team, who analyzed several different eQMS solutions for weeks. After taking an in-depth look at many solutions, Cost Plus’s quality team ultimately recommended ACE Essentials®. Here’s what the Director of Quality – Adrian Rodriguez had to say.


5 Stars

For highly regulated industries like ours, ACE Essentials® is the one eQMS that delivers ready-to-use quality, document, and learning management software at an affordable price point. We shopped around before landing on ACE Essentials®, but no other software company offered the level of support or quick implementation time that we found with ACE Essentials®. We had all the SOPs, preconfigured workflows, and documentation we needed to be FDA compliant from day one and a dedicated customer support specialist to help us every step along the way.  

Adrian Rodriguez

Director of Quality,
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company


Additionally, Alex Oshmyansky, the CEO and Founder of Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, commented on how much they love ACE Essentials®.


5 Stars

ACE Essentials® has been a huge asset for our company. After our quality team spent weeks reviewing several eQMS solutions, they recommended ACE Essentials® from PSC Software®. Immediately upon further inspection it has proven to be easy to use and a great management tool for our companyBeing able to respond to regulatory inspections quickly and confidently has more than delivered the return on investment we were looking for in an eQMS. We were able to streamline business processes, act on insights from the built-in analytics, and stay on top of our document and quality managementThe system is easy to use, and the team is greatI’d recommend ACE Essentials® to any company in need of Enterprise Quality Management.”  

Alex Oshmyansky MD, PhD

CEO / Founder
Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company



The transformation of the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company from compliance to excellence with the power of ACE Essentials® has been a remarkable success. Thanks to ACE Essentials®, Cost Plus now operates at peak efficiency, with all processes and quality management streamlined and optimized for maximum performance. ACE® has helped them achieve their goal of delivering extremely affordable, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations. Contact PSC Software® today to discover how ACE® can help transform your company from compliance to excellence by streamlining your quality processes.