POMONA, Calif. – PSC Software™, a wholly owned division of PSC Biotech Corporation, is pleased to announce that its cloud-based enterprise quality management software is now used by three of the four largest health care companies in the world. Adaptive Compliance Engine® (ACE) is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, EU Annex 11 compliant, integrated software-as-a-service (SaaS) document management and enterprise quality management solution. John Clapham, CEO of PSC Biotech Corporation and PSC Software™, attributes the rapid adoption of ACE™ to the value it creates for the Information Technology Department and Quality Departments of global regulated businesses.

“ACE™ represents a significant competitive advantage for regulated businesses that are facing ever increasing regulatory pressure to produce high quality, life -saving medicine and medical devices, while simultaneously facing price pressures to maintain drug prices at current levels,” says Clapham. According to Clapham, key advantages of ACE™ include: cloud-based enterprise solution on a world recognized cloud infrastructure platform, which reduces IT administration, comes pre-validated (reducing cost of validation the application), is fully user configurable (eliminating the cost of expensive implementation consultants), is sold as a complete package (all solutions – avoiding expensive module “expansions”) and is built on an open source database, eliminating expensive proprietary database licenses.

Heather Kelly, President & Managing Director of PSC Biotech Corporation, Europe and PSC Software™ General Manager, says “ACE™ provides a comprehensive enterprise quality management solution at an unbeatable price-performance point with no cost upgrades. ACE™ creates substantial value for our customers”.

Clapham further elaborates “The drug industry is at an inflection point, where many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products are going generic. The pricing pressure from the generics and biosimilar companies is making large branded pharmaceutical and biotech firms seek ways to reduce their overhead and improve their compliance. ACE™ is the solution that these branded companies are actively seeking to reduce their IT costs while streamlining their quality systems to improve compliance to compete in a global, generic market place. Conversely, the generic and biosimilar companies are effectively competing on price and are simultaneously seeking solutions that improve compliance while reducing the overall cost of required IT applications to manage their business.”

Please contact Robert Kum at rkum@biotech.com for more information regarding PSC Software™’s Adaptive Compliance Engine®.

About PSC Software™

PSC Software™, a division of PSC Biotech Corporation, provides inspection management and enterprise quality management software solutions enabling businesses to safely and efficiently deliver their products to market. Applications developed by PSC Software™ address the needs of organizations that must maintain compliance in regulated industries. Our principle is that software should be affordable and user-friendly in order to provide a competitive advantage to our customers worldwide.


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